export Zarrinsap towel counterpane

export Zarrinsap towel counterpane by zarrinsap company . Zarrin sap towel counterpane are produced in many models. Towel counterpanes are suitable for hospitals and healthy places.

The usage of towel counterpanes

Towel counterpanes have many amazing usages.the most use of counterpanes is in hospitals and camps. towel counterpanes are one of the useful kinds of counterpanes.

export Zarrinsap towel counterpane

Properties of towel counterpanes

Pebble counterpanes have lots of properties. The best properties of them is being thermal.it makes them favorable among people. These counterpanes are smooth and soft but because of being towel, they are heavy from others.the other properties of these counterpanes is having different colours, qualities and dimensions that is very good for customers satisfaction.

export Zarrinsap towel counterpane

Kinds of towel counterpanes

Zarrinsap towel counterpanes are in many kinds such as:

export Zarrinsap towel counterpane

  •  Ribby towel counterpane
  •  Towel counterpane for Hospitals
  •  Towel counterpane for Hotels
  • Promotional towel counterpane
  • Towel counterpane with bold flowers shape
  • etc.

Dimensions of towel counterpane

Terrible counterpanes are in different dimensions such as single and double bed the single counterpanes are 220×160 and double beds are 240×220, that customers buy them according to their needs.

export Zarrinsap towel counterpane

The price of towel counterpane

As we said that towel counterpane are produced single or double bed types.the price of them changes according to their dimensions. the wholesale price of counterpanes is cheaper than retailer.

export Zarrinsap towel counterpane

Buying and selling towel counterpanes

Buying and selling towel counterpanes is in two ways 1 you can go to shopping centres and buy them that is very time consuming.The second way is buying them by internet sites. Zarrinsap company includes many sites for making shopping comfort and easy for its customers.For buying towel counterpane be in touch with our salesman.

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