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which fabrics we use in producing bath towels?selling bath towel in zarrin sap companyhow to take care of towels?Iranian towel exportthe quality of zarrin sap towels
selling bath towel

our websites tells more about best selling bath towel. One of the most personal tools for each person is a towel. It is better to put it in a condition that dries completely after each use.

otherwise it will be a good place for germs to accumulate and multiply.

In general, the higher the amount of cotton in the towel, the higher its absorption power. Because cotton fibers can naturally absorb liquids up to 25 times their weight. We usually use cotton in everyday towels. 100% cotton towels are softer and have affordable prices. the life long of towels with silk, is more than cotton type.

selling bath towel

which fabrics we use in producing bath towels?

selling bath towel

Towels are actually soft and delicate fabrics because of drying the face or body. Of course, there are several models of towels in each house to suit the needs of the residents.

Usually one side of the towel fabric has soft lint that absorbs water easily and dries the body. The dehydration of the towel depends on its quality. the better the dehydration the better the towel is.

There are different types of towels, including bath towels, coat towels and kitchen towels, baby and infant towels.

we note that the thickness of the towel is appropriate, not too thin and light, and not too thick and heavy. The villi should be of the right thickness and weight to be easy to use.

It is necessary to remind dear readers that after using bath towels, it is better not to hang them inside the bathroom. Because the towel is damp and you have prepared it for the accumulation of fungi and bacteria. It is necessary to dry it properly after each use where there is air flow and after several uses, please wash the towels.

selling bath towel in zarrin sap company

selling bath towel

Zarrin sap is one of the largest and most reputable manufacturers of selling bath towel in Iran. The brilliant history of this professional collection in the country shows that Zarrin sap pays special attention to gaining the customer’s trust and satisfaction by presenting the highest quality product. This issue is an effective step towards the country’s economic prosperity and currency.

Zarrin sap baby towel is made of high quality cotton and will not give any sensitivity to your children. It also has a high water absorption power. You can wash this towel both by hand and in the washing machine.

The popularity of Zarrin sap baby towels among international markets in countries such as Iraq, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey…. It has caused the Zarrin sap manufacturer to export high tonnage baby towels because of its price and quality.

This company makes the most up-to-date models of bath towel.

You can easily get the most complete information by being in touch with our sale managers.

how to take care of towels?

selling bath towel

we will explain you, how to take care of towels. after taking a hot shower and relieving the fatigue caused by daily activities of life, there is nothing better than having a coat towel or the same towel that is suitable for drying the body and absorbing moisture from our skin.

If you take good care of your towel, you can keep and use it for 5 to 7 years as long as you buy a good towel again. When washing, pay attention to the labels that we print and install on the towels or on the packaging. They show the ways of washing, the amount of heat and temperature of the water. One of the signs that we notice you, is the standard mark, which indicates the standard and quality of the towel.

Towel weight, towel material, softness, color and size are some of the things that most people consider when buying a towel.

Usually, most Iranian women have shown their interest in decollete towels because these towels can be used in swimming pools and massage parlors. There is no need to provide a special towel for each of these centers.

You can buy the best towel in our selling bath towel online markets.

Iranian towel export

selling bath towel

Zarrin sap manufacturer is ready to export high tonnage towels with  cheap price. Especially with sufficient care and knowledge of domestic and international markets. To receive more information about all Zarrin sap products, how to supply and export prices, you can keep in touch with numbers available on the site. Be sure that the cheapest in price and highest in quality body towels can be purchased from the Zarrin sap collection.

the quality of zarrin sap towels

selling bath towel

perhaps it is a question for you that, how is the quality of zarrin sap selling bath towel?

we usually use this kind of fibers to make up the towel: cotton, polyester fibers, bamboo, wool and microfiber.

the kind of fiber have a tremendous effect on the price of the towel. Soft cotton towels are absorbent and light. Cotton and polyester fiber towels are much lighter, highly absorbent and slightly heavy.

But towels with antibacterial and microbial bamboo fibers are very light and have a very high absorption power.

woolen towels are expensive and suitable for the cold season, unlike bamboo fiber towels, which are light and suitable for the hot season.

microfiber towels, which are made of synthetic cotton fibers such as nylon, which have much more fibers, are light, soft and fluffy.

we are here to guide you. trust us.

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