how to sell hotel towel online?

how to sell hotel towel online? we use to sell hotel towels, in our online web sites. we put the photo and the price of them in our posts to make it easy for our followers to choose the best.

What should a good hotel towel look like?

Really put yourself in the shoes of a hotel guest who is resting after a long trip and needs a bath to finally unwind. All he wants is a clean bath, hot water, shampoo and hotel soap and finally a clean, soft and fragrant white towel. So let’s get started.

sell hotel towel

Nothing like a hot shower will take the tiredness out of our guest’s body, and of course after that it dries with a soft and luxurious towel.

We use towels daily. This is one of the main morning rituals of all of us. So, a good towel should make your skin feel soft and luxurious.

Here are some tips on how to choose the best towel for your hotel. Because not all towels are the same !!!

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best bath towel

sell hotel towel

When searching for the right bath towel, you need to consider the following factors:

  1. Towel yarn
  2. Dimensions and weight of the towel
  3. Water absorption of towels
  4. The softness of the towel

we mostly make suitable hotel towels of  yarn. these are cotton, but the length of the fibers and the type of warp are different. We do not want to get into the micro-technical discussion here, we just need to have information for a right decision that includes the following:

  • Ring yarn has more volunteer.
  • The durability of open yarn towels is usually higher than others.
  • others yarn are 5 to 10 percent cheaper than ring yarn.

export hotel towels bulk

sell hotel towel

Our western neighbor suffers from a lack of industrial and service growth due to ongoing sanctions during Saddam’s time and two bloody wars with the United States and ISIS. Therefore, exporting to Iraq can be a good benefit for Iranian traders. In addition to exporting agricultural and industrial products; Profits from exports to Iraq will usually be much more attractive in some new areas, such as health tourism and the provision of technical and engineering services.

The Iraqi economy relies heavily on oil and other natural resources. Iraq is currently a major member of the APEC Group, which exports about 5 million barrels.

It also receives various facilities from international organizations, including the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations. In addition, countries in the region and Western countries, including the United States, also provide financial assistance.

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sell hotel towel in Iraq

sell hotel towel

In order to export to Iraq, you need to be well acquainted with the amount and manner of its trade with different countries of the world.

Among the various countries in the world that trade with Iraq, the names of some countries such as China, India and Turkey are more common.

The important point in this regard is related to Iraq’s trade with Iran, about which there is less data in global statistics.

The reason for this is the informal trade between the two countries as well as some issues related to sanctions. However, Iran and Iraq are certainly two very important trading partners.

Because Iraq has a lot of land borders with our country and there are many customs to export goods to Iraq, so many small production and service units and individuals are also thinking of doing business with this country.

Based on international data, we have described the list of the most important Iranian exports to Iraq in 2018 in the image below. Among them are goods that we consider them for export to Iraq, even with low capital.

In addition, to export to Iraq with low capital, you can focus on some other products such as flour, cereals, plastic products and food products.

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bath towel for men

sell hotel towel

Men’s body towel is made of 100% cotton yarn. This product has a high water absorption. It has a size suitable for various body structures, which is suitable for a maximum height of 185 cm and a waist circumference of 130 cm. This product has a good softness and softness that due to the use of rim yarn, the texture of the towel will be preserved after washing.

If you want to buy or sell hotel towels in bulk and with the minimum purchase price, you can add all kinds of bath and hotel towels to your shopping cart by selecting your product from the sub-collection of products of Zarrin Sap online store.

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