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printed towels

printed towels wholesale price, is very cheaper than balk selling. You can visit our websites to know the update price of each towel.

Zarrin Sap Group is active as a manufacturer of printed towels in the country. This production complex in the country has done its best to produce the most special and newest models and designs of  to provide the best products to companies and hotels.

printed towels

Obviously, direct and unmediated purchase from a successful manufacturer in the country brings with it special facilities. Because when buying from the factory, they will offer the products certainly at the factory price and below the market price of customer service.

printed towels

Usually, centers that specialize in the production of printed towels use special devices and equipment. Because these towels are usually produced in such a way that the special logo of the company that orders the product on towels. Be registered with the selected sizes and most of these logos are either embroidered or printed on the towels. The printed design of the promotional towels produced in the Zarrin Sap collection adds to the beauty of the towels.

printed beach towels

printed towels

There are various types of pool towels on the market, and printed samples are among the best sellers. Some companies have been able to be among domestic and foreign competitors for offering the best towels. This domestically produced product is the best option for export due to its high quality and  price. Other best-selling examples include the following :

  • Clothing
  • Pool
  • Travel
  • Disposable

We divide these products into 3 different categories in terms of size for specific ages.

Such as little, medium and big ones.

The high variety of these products has made the range of choice for consumers wider. This first-class Iranian product, in addition to meeting domestic needs, is also the best option for export. Which provides a lucrative business environment. Printed models can print various logos and labels, so these samples have the most sales in domestic and foreign markets.

price of pool towel

printed towels

The price of a pool towel is  based on its size, quality, thickness, sales method. Prices in the market in Iran are subject to certain conditions and situations that may fluctuate in price throughout the year. In bulk sale, the price is more reasonable. This let the tendency of consumers to offer much more in this way.

Of course in choosing these products, we know that there are many influential factors. Most customers seek prices in the first place so that they can guess their quality. Especially in urban and online markets, prices are different and people can buy products online at cheaper prices. Because in this method, we eliminate intermediaries  from trading so they can not increase prices in their favor.

What are promotional printed towels?

printed towels

Today, the advertising industry is very effective in expanding the performance of each collection and company. Even many hotels and guesthouses try to attract the attention of many travelers with their advertisements. Each of these sets do is prepare promotional towels. We produce each promotional towel with the design and logo of the company.

One of the collections that has expanded the production of promotional printed towels in Iran and sends all types of promotional towels to customers all over the country without any restrictions is the Zarrin Sap manufacturer. In producing promotional towels in this collection, We review and provide all customers offers and do other necessary approvals.

Daily price of printed baby towels

printed towels

Printed baby towels are very popular today. Hence, broadcasters offer up-to-date and cheaper prices than their competitors.
Working on products that are suddenly welcomed by customers requires a little more focus. Baby towels are an example of this type of product today; Therefore, the companies that are active in their distribution, firstly, must have a huge amount of variety and secondly, offer prices that will encourage the customer to buy from them.

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