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hand towel price on sale 2022

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white hand towelThe price of hand and face towelsabout Zarrin Sap CompanyHow to make a good towel?Important points about choosing the right towelRisks of using towels unsuitable for the skin
hand towel

hand towel price on sale 2022, is same as the last year. Zarrin Sap collection does the best in sale of hand towel with special price and on time delivery.

Zarrin Sap Collection is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality hand towel in the country. This factory produces the best towels with reasonable prices in Iran.

hand towel

People who are looking for soft, delicate and very beautiful towels to dry their hands and face can use the towels produced by our factory.
This handmade towel, unlike most products, has no lint. Due to the appropriate size and small volume, this product can be easily placed in a handbag or suitcase to use your personal and hygienic towel anywhere.

hand towel

white hand towel

hand towel

At present, the variety of hand towel is very high, and as a result, the request and registration of orders by customers has increased, which has affected the wholesale price of hand and face towels. The main distribution of hand towels is by Zarrin Sap Center to all cities. Zarrin Sap production group, using advanced and equipped machines, as well as the presence of skilled and professional people, it is able to produce quality and first-class products and be trusted by customers.

Selling bulk hand towels will always be much cheaper than the price of individual products. People prefer to procure their required products in bulk and in large volumes from the factory itself. In addition to benefiting from exceptional discounts, they can receive quality products.

The price of hand and face towels

hand towel

The price of hand and face towels is one of the important criteria for buyers and they can decide on the amount of their purchase accordingly. When you go to reputable sales centers. Honest and committed sellers can provide you with complete information in this regard. In addition, it is good to know that hand towels are sold online by Zarrin Sap collection. Zarrin Sap sales consultant is ready to serve you dear customers to know how to buy products.

We produce, all kinds of handy towels with beautiful models and designs for children, adults, bride and groom, kitchen and etc. Each of these products is designed and produced depending on the needs of consumers and their application. The quality of hand and face towels depends on the fibers used in their production. The use of cotton fibers increases the quality of products and thus their softness.

about Zarrin Sap Company

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Zarrin Sap Company started its activity with the aim of selling handicrafts, organic products, etc. online. The first idea that came to our mind was to start a store of products with excellent quality and price. We start the store activity for our collection. With the launch of the site and advertising on social networks, sales flourished !! The feeling of ourselves and our customers that being one of our first customers was satisfying. So that they could see that the best products are selected and given to them.

hand towel

Zarrin Sap girls hand and face towels are designed and produced with a very beautiful color scheme. That fits the mood of women. You can choose the color and design of these towels to suit your other objects and set with them. These towels have high water and moisture absorption power and also have high durability.

How to make a good towel?

hand towel

The first thing to pay attention to is the material that we use to sew the towel. The higher the dewatering rate, the better the quality of the towel.

In the next step, the amount of softening with the skin is that the good material makes the towel soft.

In the third stage, the weight of the towel is important, which varies according to the fibers used.

And in the last step, we can say that its design and color are important.

Important points about choosing the right towel

hand towel

If before, a towel was suitable for you only with the appropriate dehydration factor. You should know that the principles of towel care and hygiene are at the top of all factors. Wash serums, it is important to buy a suitable towel that is both well drain and soft. Bath towels and hand towels are usually a good place for bacteria and germs to grow. Because they get wet frequently, which can eventually cause serious problems for the person.

Risks of using towels unsuitable for the skin

hand towel

People who are prone to microbial contamination may get acne on their face or body when they come in contact with dirty and unwashed towels, so it is important to keep the towel clean. The presence of cosmetic or dirty marks on the towel and its application to the skin causes the pores to close and the existing acne to intensify.

According to researchers, the use of unwashed and dirty hand towel may spread the bacteria and as a result they will sit on the face and hands. If the bacteria are not enough, simply pulling a towel on the face and body will aggravate acne.

Studies at the University of Arizona show that even hepatitis B can transmit through towels. The virus is transmitted through contact with infected blood.

By contaminating the shared towel with the blood of a person with hepatitis B, the chances of others contracting the disease are high.

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