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Clothing towel

Clothing towel: Suitable for all age groups with its own unique design and size. For babies, size 60 and for children and teenagers, size 70 to 110, for adults, size 115 to 135 are prepared. Women’s tunics are usually fancy designs with bright colors, men’s heavy colors and children are often designed and produced in the form of cartoon shades.

hand towel

Hand towels, swimming pools and baths: These towels are also called dimensional. Hand towels are available in sizes 30 * 60 – 35 * 70 – 40 * 80 and 45 * 90.  Pool towels in sizes 130 * 70 and 140 * 80 .  Bath towels are usually produced in size 155 * 90.

Advertising towels

Advertising towels: These towels are produced according to the customer’s order in different dimensions and colors. The advantages of advertising towels compared to other advertising tribes are as follows:
1- Longer life 

2- Easy transportation

 3- Reasonable price 

4- Production with a small number

Hotel towels: These towels are produced in the dimensions of hand towels, swimming pools and baths, as well as in the form of tunic and suede, and are available in white color. 

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Zarrin Sap Towel Production Group started its activities in 1993 at Tabriz and relies on modern science. This company started its production and sales a very long time ago. Due to having a very strong potential in both production and sales, it quickly increased its customers, and in addition to domestic markets, it also benefited from exporting to foreign countries.
The company has a strong export sales team, sending its products to Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Afghanistan, the United Arab Emirates and Australia.
All the products of this company are made of first-class raw materials, and the supervision of the quality control team, stylish packaging and beautiful design all are provided to our esteemed customers.

For the well-being of our esteemed customers, internet sites have been established to provide purchasing the product online in the shortest possible time.


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